All about South Carolina jury awards $4.4 million in brain injury case at birth

A South Carolina jury recently awarded an impressive $4.4 million to a family whose infant son suffered a traumatic brain injury during his birth at a hospital in South Carolina. The jury found that the doctors and nurses at the hospital were negligent during the delivery and failed to recognize signs of fetal distress, which ultimately led to the brain injury. Visit

The infant was born in 2014 and was immediately taken to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at the hospital. The NICU staff noticed the infant was having difficulty breathing and that his heart rate had dropped significantly. The staff attempted to resuscitate the infant, but unfortunately, the infant suffered a hypoxic brain injury due to the lack of oxygen he received during the delivery.

The family filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital and medical staff alleging that the doctors and nurses failed to recognize the signs of fetal distress and failed to take the necessary steps to prevent the infant from suffering a hypoxic brain injury. The jury agreed with the family’s allegations and awarded the family a total of $4.4 million in damages.

The jury’s award included $2.3 million for medical bills, $1.2 million for pain and suffering, and $1 million for future medical bills. The jury also awarded the family an additional $50,000 for lost wages due to the mother taking time off to care for her son’s medical needs.

This verdict is an important reminder of the importance of recognizing the signs of fetal distress and taking the necessary steps to prevent a hypoxic brain injury. Unfortunately, these types of injuries are all too common and can have a devastating impact on a family. Thankfully, the family in this case was awarded the compensation they deserved and can now focus on providing their son with the best possible care.