Lawn Care Tips For a Healthy Lawn

The right kind of lawn care is vital for a healthy lawn. It’s important to check the pH of your soil to ensure that the grasses can properly absorb nutrients. For this purpose, you can obtain a soil test kit from your local county extension office or ask your agricultural agent for information on reputable soil testing laboratories. You can also take samples of your lawn yourself. Make sure to include patches that have problems so that the soil testing lab can customize a plan for your lawn. You may find more details about this at Houston Lawn Care Association¬†

While comparing companies, make sure you’re getting what you pay for. There are companies that offer discounts if you sign up for a maintenance plan. This way, you can avoid paying for a service that doesn’t deliver on the promise it makes. However, if you do change your mind later, you can still get a discount from another lawn care service.

Watering your lawn should be done at least twice a week. Make sure to water deeply, about a couple inches below the soil’s surface. This will help your lawn resist drought better. However, be aware of your city’s regulations on watering. In some areas, watering your lawn every day is forbidden.

Aside from mowing and fertilizing, lawn care companies will also provide weed control services. Weeds are the most common complaint homeowners have with their lawns. Fortunately, there are chemicals available that can help you deal with this problem yourself. And a good lawn care company will be happy to show you how to apply them.

Another method of lawn care is aeration. This method is a great way to improve soil movement and manage thatch. The loosening of the soil allows roots to grow deeper and healthier. However, this technique is more effective in the spring and fall than in the summer. It’s recommended that you aerate your lawn before applying any topdressing.

If you’re considering hiring a lawn care company, it’s important to decide what type of lawn care services you want. There are companies that offer lawn care services for your entire lawn, while others provide services that focus on one or two areas. These companies will assess the needs of your lawn and provide a quote for the work. This fee will vary depending on the extent of the work needed and the frequency of the service.

Billbugs are another problem to watch out for. These insects usually appear in late June or early August and can look like dollar spots on the lawn. You can confirm whether your lawn is affected by this pest by pulling the affected grass blade upward. You can also inspect the stems for hollowed-out areas and packed sawdust-like material. Bluegrass billbugs are more prone to yellowing and dead lawns, but mixed-grass lawns are less susceptible to these insects. If you do find these insects on your lawn, it’s best to invest in a resistant cultivar like fine fescue.

Lawn care is essential for your lawn’s health. Regularly mowing can help prevent disease and pest infestations. You should follow best practices when cutting your lawn, which include adjusting the height of your mowing. Different types of grass require different mowing heights, so it’s important to experiment. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not advisable to cut more than one-third of the blade length.