Polynesian Tattoo Designs – What You Need to Know  

Polynesian tattoos are usually based on animal patterns. Some of the most popular examples are turtles, which symbolize peace and unity in families. The turtle is also a symbol of life and abundance. In Polynesian culture, the turtle is one of the most important creatures, and is associated with fertility and peace. Click on tattoo shop Los Angeles

Another popular Polynesian tattoo is the stingray motif, which depicts a pair of stingrays holding hands. This symbol represents tranquility, refinement, and energy. These symbols are often accompanied by words such as “warrior” or “spirit of the sea.”

Lizards are also popular symbols in Polynesian culture. They are considered divine and are often depicted as gods and minor spirits. Getting a lizard tattoo can bring you luck and protect you from harm. Lizards are also used as symbols of protection because they are able to hide in sand to hide from predators. Stingrays are also associated with adaptability and safety. These tattoos can also depict a person’s speed and agility.

Polynesian tattoos reflect a deep connection to nature and the symbiotic relationship between man and nature. It also reflects the superhuman element that pervades all living creatures. While you might think that a spearhead tattoo is only for warriors, many people choose it as an inspiration for the inner warrior in them.

Another common Polynesian tattoo design is the tiki. These lizards often have human-like faces. Despite the fact that the tiki represents a deity, they are also symbols of fertility, peace, and protection. If you’re thinking of getting a tiki tattoo, think about the meaning and the symbolism.

Polynesian tattoos are unique in style and meaning. Polynesian tattoos can be simple designs, or elaborate tribal designs. They are a cherished part of Polynesian culture and have an extensive history. There are many artists who specialize in Polynesian tattoos and will create one that’s uniquely unique and beautiful.

Traditional Polynesian tattoo designs are rooted in mythology. Many believe that humans are descendants of the god Rangi. Rangi represents Heaven while Papa represents Earth. They believed that the human body is a nexus between the two worlds. They were also a form of protection. In Polynesian culture, the upper part of the body is related to the spiritual world while the lower part is parallel to the world. In addition, the upper part of the body contains pedigree records that can indicate the person’s past, present, and future destiny.